Complement these tables with one of our folding grooming arms to have a combination that will provide a lifetime of use.

Our adjustable leg tables utilize our lightweight adjustable aluminum legs. They feature easy set-up, push-button height adjustment from 26" to 36" in 2" increments, slider rings to keep the legs from collapsing when the table is set up, and a comfortable carrying handle that swings out of the way while in use. They also fold flat for transport.

The 16" x 26" table was created to fit into a standard size suitcase for airline travel. It adjusts from 24" to 35" tall, weighs only 13 pounds, and is extremely strong and sturdy for a table of its size. Please note that this table, due to its small footprint, adjustability, and light weight, is not going to be as stable as our other adjustable leg tables. It is primarily intended for individuals who fly to shows and need something small to fit in a suitcase. For normal use (i.e. not flying), we would recommend the 18" x 30" table. If questions, please give us a call.

Our adjustable leg grooming tables will easily accommodate a 200-pound dog.

​Available Sizes:
  16" x 26"    $395.95            18" x 30"    $425.95
  24" x 36"    $489.95            24" x 42"    $495.95
Ultra-Light Grooming Tables
Note Handle

Folds into a 
Compact Package
All Sizes Look Identical
Folds Flat
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