Ringside Grooming Tables
This is the perfect table for small and medium dog lovers who want a small table that is tall enough that they can groom in comfort, yet one that folds up conveniently and is light enough that it can easily be carried to ringside. This folding table has a 16" x 24" top and stands 34" tall. It has lightweight powder-coated aluminum legs, folds to 24" x 36" x 3", weighs a fraction more than 10 pounds, and features a handle to make it a little easier to carry.

The design of this table is inherently more stable and smoother to operate than most of the other ringside tables on the market. In addition, the powder-coated aluminum legs are welded, not screwed together, so you never need to worry about them coming loose. It also features a molded rubber foot that won't come unscrewed and get lost.

It will easily accommodate a 75-pound dog; we have had over 300 pounds of plywood on this table.

Size:  16" x 24"    $199.95


A 30" Folding Grooming Arm makes a great companion to the Ringside Grooming Table.

Folds Up Nicely
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