Ultra-Light Grooming Tables
Grooming Tables
All of our grooming tables are made of sturdy, structural-grade, composite materials. They feature lightweight powder-coated aluminum legs that are developed and manufactured by us. We do not use the adjustable legs that all other manufacturers use. While very good quality, they are much heavier than our aluminum legs.  Why carry around an additional eighteen/twenty pounds if you don't need to?

Our tables also feature a molded-on urethane edge that is designed to take the abuse of set-up, take-down, and transport. No screws or nails to fall out, no metal or plastic edge trim to collect dirt/hair, no sharp edges to catch an unsuspecting groomer. They also feature an improved urethane top surface material that is very durable and UV stable. The top has a non-skid texture that is impervious to water and most chemicals, making it perfect for washing and weather. The lightly textured finish is easy to clean, yet provides a surface that is perfect for the dogs. 

Our Ultra-Light adjustable leg grooming tables are the perfect combination of strength, light weight, and durability. The entire table weighs about as much as the adjustable legs (without top) that our competitor's use on their tables, and while lighter in weight, they are stronger than the lightweight tables that we have made for years. You will be amazed at how strong they are, with no excess weight to carry around. 

The 16" x 26" suitcase-sized model weighs 12/13 pounds, the 18" x 30" model weighs approximately 15-16 pounds, the 24" x 36" model weighs approximately 19-20 pounds, and the 24" x 42" model weighs approximately 22 pounds. 

All of these tables feature sturdy, lightweight powder-coated aluminum legs that adjust from 26" to 36" high at the push of a button (the suitcase model only adjusts to 35" high). They fold into a flat compact package and include a comfortable handle that swings out of the way during use.

One of our most popular tables is our Ringside table. Its light weight (10-11 pounds), quality, and sturdiness make it the premier ringside table on the market. It is available in a standard 16" x 24" size, which stands 34" tall. Unlike other manufacturers, our Ringside table legs are welded together, not assembled with screws or rivets that eventually loosen up and fall out. What you see is what you get - forever!! This table features a convenient handle, is very sturdy, and great for ringside, home, show, or shop use.  

Our tables are available in the following colors (actual color may vary slightly): 
The perfect combination of strength, light weight, and durability. with carrying handle and fold-flat portability. Accomodates dogs up to 200 pounds.

If you are looking for a custom cover or bag for your table, please check with Kathy at: CoverUps by Kathy

Ringside Grooming Tables
The perfect table for small and medium dog lovers who want a small table that is tall enough for comfortable grooming, yet folds up conveniently and is light enough to easily carry to ringside. 
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"Today I finally had a chance to unload the tables and grooming arm from their boxes. Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE them!!! The workmanship is phenomenal!! They will be put to good use. Thank you again for being there to make me such wonderful tables, as well as the grooming arm. I will recommend these items to everyone."

Sheffield Pugs

"Thank you for sending the Purple table; it was so expertly wrapped, and traveled without any problems.
I love these tables! I have a 24"x36" that traveled with all my Welsh Springer Spaniels, and now I have English Cockers, and can downsize. The larger one will be my 'at home' table now, and will accommodate both of my breeds!! As a breeder/groomer/
competitor, these tables are beyond compare."

MtnMist Spaniels

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