Are you tired of trying to squeeze those obnoxious spring clips on your flexible dryer holder, or frustrated that it won't stay put on the table?
We have a solution for you....

The Table Works Dryer Holder has been developed to meet the needs of small animal groomers. It is used by grooming shops, professional handlers, and animal lovers as they prepare their animals for shows, exhibitions, etc. Our Dryer Holder features:

    •   A small, sturdy, clamp to securely mount it to a table or other object
             (i.e. door, chair, rail, etc.).
    •   An easy to use saddle and bungee arrangement to conveniently
             hold most, if not all, hand-held hair dryers. It easily accommodates
             blower hoses, lights, or whatever your need.
    •   Commercial quality flexible tubing that is easily bent into position, yet
             stays where you put it.
    •   Sturdy aluminum and steel construction to provide years of use.

The Dryer Holder is available in either 18" or 24" models and weighs just under 2-1/2 pounds. Because it is shorter, the 18" model is slightly sturdier than the 24" model.

Sizes:   18" Dryer Holder $79.95    24" Dryer Holder $84.95

Advantages of the Table Works Dryer Holder

Once it is clamped to an object (i.e. table), it is mounted securely and doesn’t move around. Other dryer holders either set on a flat surface where they are easily knocked around, use a plastic clamp that does not hold very well, or use a heavy-duty plywood spring that is difficult to squeeze, yet does not mount the dryer holder very securely to the table.

With the saddle and bungee arrangement, it is very easy to install a hair dryer or blower hose. Just set the hair dryer in the saddle, stretch one bungee cord over the dryer and hook on the opposite side. Do the same with the second bungee cord, and you are done. It doesn’t require snapping, squeezing, or any other operations that may be difficult to accomplish. Other dryer holders utilize a plastic clip arrangement to hold the hair dryer that is not very sturdy, or use spring-loaded plywood clamps to hold the hair dryer that are difficult to squeeze, and tend to warp the plastic case of the dryer as they heat up.

Dryer Holders

It is manufactured of steel and aluminum. The clamp is cast aluminum and features large easy-to-use knobs. The saddle is aluminum and has a vinyl trim strip to protect the hair dryer. The flexible neck is very sturdy and features a high quality chrome plating to protect it from rust. Other dryer holders feature plastic mounting clamps that do not hold as well, or lightweight flexible necks that are not as sturdy.

It has a long 18" or 24" flex neck, which allows much more flexibility in being adjusted to the proper position. Most other dryer holders are shorter.

The Table Works Dryer Holder was originally developed for small animal grooming (dogs and cats) in preparation for shows, exhibits, etc., as there are many times when both hands are busily brushing and combing, and there are just not enough hands to hold a blow dryer. While there are undoubtedly more, other known uses include:

    •    It has been used in the household to hold hair dryers when combing or brushing hair.
    •    It has been used by photographers and artists to hold spotlights in "just the right place."
    •    It has been used in the shop to hold torches or soldering irons when both hands are needed to hold the part.
    •    It has been used to hold grow lamps for plants.
    •    It has been used by vendors to hold signs or displays.

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